I had a constant headache from a severe head injury. Acupuncture helped a little, but nothing would make it stop until I worked with Beka. My headache is completely gone. - R. Miller

Lakita Dunkers, Ashland, Oregon I recently had a massage with Beka Chandler and for anyone looking for an exceptional massage therapist I would highly recommend scheduling a session with her. Beka has a unique combination of skill, intuition and intent; she is able to pull from her vast skill set apply techniques best suited to your individual need. After 1 session with Beka, I was in less pain that I have been in over 3 months and with continued practice of her recommended exercises, I am feeling better each day. Beka is able to address both the energetic and physical components of an injury supporting immediate pain relief as well as long term healing; I canít thank her enough for helping me to re-gain hope that my back injury can fully heal and that I can function in my everyday life without chronic pain. - Clearing Long Term Chronic Pain Lakita Dunkers, Ashland Oregon

"I have never experienced physical pain like that before. After one massage with Beka it was just gone. It was really amazing to me. I thought I was going to have to live with a certain amount of pain in my upper back and shoulders. The exercises helped too. Beka showed me what was wrong and how to fix it. I also realized that two years of right hip and knee issues has not come back after my first massage. During my second massage, Beka designed a low back series of exercises that matched my specific condition. She also handled all my insurance billing. Thank you Beka this has been such a gift to me. - Tege Phillips, Sterling Bank, Ashland Oregon

I was a regular client of Beka Chandler's when we both lived in Fairbanks. At the time I was a smokejumper, a wonderful job requiring a high level of fitness which nevertheless presented an elevated risk of injury. I believe that Beka's intuitive nature allowed her to design a massage therapy program which enhanced my ability to maintain and improve my fitness, by helping to prevent injury and to recover more quickly from those minor injuries which I incurred over the years. Beka provided these services to many of my fellow smokejumpers, and also led regular yoga practice which was quite well attended by the members of our crew. Though I live a long way away from Beka these days, she continues to send kind advice and wise counsel which helps to keep me healthy in body, mind, and soul. Ashland is lucky to have her. Thanks Beka! - Chip Houde, Alaska Smokejumper, surfer, Baja California, Mexico

Beka is a very caring and insightful massage therapist. After being involved in a roll-over accident I contacted her for professional massage and healing therapy. Her intuitive touch and healing skills have made a huge difference in my journey toward recovery. Thank You, Beka. - Rebecca Fowler, Ashland, Oregon

I worked with Beka, of Ashland, Oregon after I had a high speed whiplash injury from a car accident. Her massages helped relieve the discomfort in my neck. Her gift is finding the exact points in the body that are causing the pain and clearing them. She always made my neck and shoulders feel better. The exercises she showed me helped speed my recovery. I would recommend her massage therapy for any physical issue you are facing. She is not only a massage therapist but also a skilled technician. - Bonnie Slay, Seattle, Washington

After my injury, I was referred to Beka for massage. I was familiar with chiropractic. I had no idea how instrumental the massage work could be in greatly augmenting and enabling the healing process. Getting the scar tissue released freed my body. The massage was directly related to my forward progress." - David Works, Segway of Jacksonville, Oregon

Beka is of the most nurturing and caring therapists that I have worked with. She has the unique ability to combine technical expertise with intuition, making her one of the most highly regarded bodyworkers that I know of. - Dr. Matthew Terreri, Chiropractor, Southern Oregon Sports & Spine

"Beka's never stops learning about how to help people. She was a great help during my injury. She is an expert at rehab and posture. We call her, the medicine woman at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. She is great at getting the actors in right away when we get injured." Beka Chandler Massage & Injury of Ashland Oregon - Gregory Linington, Oregon Shakespeare Festival

"My chiropractor, referred me to Beka, for my sciatica. Beka's work helped this immensely. I continued to see her after a shoulder injury & had great results with her deep tissue work combined with physical therapy. It was a very deep healing process for which I am greatful. She has great hands. - Ana Calantini, Ashland, Oregon

Beka Chandler Massage & Injury Specialists of Ashland Oregon. "Beka is an intuitive sports massage therapist. For over 3 years, her work has helped keep me going after many marathons. Her barefoot deep tissue work on my hamstrings helps me through the toughest of recoveries. If you are an athlete or not, Beka's massages are fantastic. - Mark Sherbow, trail runner and telemark skier, Ashland, Oregon

"I cannot imagine gaining more from a one hour massage than I did with Beka. She worked on physical tensions that are related to my work as a professional classical musician as well as a recent lower back injury. Beka is a caring listener and understood my problems. In addition, she's extremely skilled. After one single session I felt almost delirious from the tension and toxins which were released and so much more free physically. Also, she taught me exercises designed to prevent similar problems in the future by gaining strength in certain areas and by directing my energy differently. I really felt the care she has in her work." Pieter Wyckoff, trombonist Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra - Pieter Wyckoff, trombonist Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

Amazing - Danforth Comins, Oregon Shakespeare Festival Actor

I love the cups. Big love. Cuz I walk away feeling like a million bucks. It's always a total body experience, cleansing for the soul & and body." - Khatt Taylor, Oregon Shakespeare Festival actress, Ashland

Beka's hand massage, cleared my thumb pain. It has been feeling great for over a year now. - Daniel Salisbury, Ashland, Oregon

A friend referred me to Beka for massage. I have been to many experts, Beka is the first person to get my pelvis in alignment and show me the exercises that are easy and work. She helped me clear some problem areas and was able to give me a great referral. - Kasey Hansen, Ashland, Oregon

"Beka is a wealth of information. An amazing healer. Her intuitive suggestions helped me feel so much better, body, mind and spirit." - Andrea Moonz Malden, Ashland Oregon

"That's really fascinating. The injured hand that Beka worked on has better range of motion than the one that was not. Now the injured hand feels more pliable. It's incredible. My shoulder feels better too." - Dr. Vicki Purslow

"Beka precisely, found my tight knots from hard work and completely moved the locked up areas out of my body." - Asa Cates, construction worker, landscaper & biker, Ashland, Oregon

After I was injured in an car accident, my doctor referred me to Beka. She was easy to work with, showed me exercises to heal faster and took care of all the automobile insurance. All I had to do was show up and get massages. She really cares and made everything easy for me. - Remy Barnard, Ashland , Oregon

This is the first time in 25 years of seeing numerous therapists that I have gotten any kind of pain relief. My hip pain was at a 10 after my auto accident, now I am between a 1 and a 2. I would highly recommend Beka and Marc Heller to anyone who is in pain. This is coming from a person who has been in chronic pain over half his life. - Rick Bear

I feel great seeing Beka again and talking to her. Her massage is very helpful. I feel 10 years younger. - Juan Lopez, Southern Oregon

Very Profound. I had a lot of visions - Tito La Rosa, Peruvian Soundhealer

Bekaís deep tissue massage feels awesome. She really cares about her clients. - Levi Morgan, Southern Oregon University Wrestler

It was like a miracle came into the room. My hand pain is gone. - Tami Spencer

The most healing massage Iíve ever had. - Traci Fort

I felt a release of energy, thought, and tension lift away. Beka is great at clearing migraines. The release came within half an hour. - Hanna Harrison, Migraine and Headache Sufferer

Beka is intuitive, intelligent and skilled. - Dr. Marc Heller, Chiropractor, Southern Oregon Sports & Spine

"Beka's massage got me out of pain in a few sessions. She goes right to the spots. She showed me posture tips to take pressure off my low back. The exercises she showed me are the first ones that made sense and stopped my discomfort." Beka Chandler Massage & Injury Of Ashland Oregon - Jennifer Ferreia, Ashland, Oregon

I have been to many different therapists in the past. I was always given a long list of exercises to do with no explanation. Beka is the first person to explain what is going on in my body and how each exercise specifically helps that area. She really understands how each muscle functions and how the whole body works. She used hot stones, suction cups, organic balms and oils during my massage to clear pain and trigger points. Her massage sessions helped me reduce stiffness in multiple areas including an old injury in my low back. She teaches how you can integrate rehab exercises into your daily life, which is much easier. I enjoyed her information on an anti-inflammatory diet and wellness lifestyle. Susan Springer, Illahe Gallery, Ashland Oregon - Susan Springer, Illahe Gallery, Ashland, Oregon

Beka always knows which techniques & exercises to use when I need massage therapy. - Nicky Weinberg, AHS football

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