Beka Chandler Massage and Injury Specialist

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Beka Chandler Massage and HealingBeka does massage and relationship - selfcare - personal growth coaching in Ashland, Oregon.  Beka specializes in pain, whiplash, rehabilitation, PTSD, auto and sports injuries.   She has coached clients on selfcare, exercise, personal growth and relationships.  Beka has worked on everything from spasms to migraines to roll over car injuries   She has always attracted and loved the challenging cases.  Experience has taught her how to work with someone through all the stages of healing.  

Beka has owned her own clinical massage, rehab and injury business for over 20 years.  She exhibits a unique blend of Ultra Deep Tissue, Cranial Sacral,  Therapeutic Yoga, Myofascial Massage, Russian Sports Massage, Alaskan Healing Work, Cupping, Hot Stone Massage as well as Lifestyle, Postural and Nutritional Coaching to reduce pain, inflammation and stiffness.

Whether your goal is to recover from an injury or other health concern, or to simply sink into a deeper state of awareness and relaxation, Beka is present to bestow support.

With the help of All-Natural Organic Essential Oils, pure lotions and Sound Healing Tools, Beka shows up fully to create a caring, nurturing massage and healing experience.

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